About Worship at Calvary

Worship services in any Episcopal church are based on the Book of Common Prayer (BCP).  To newcomers, knowing when to stand, sit, or kneel, as well as all the other activities that occur during a worship service, can seem a little confusing.  Not to worry, the BCP describes all the appropriate actions for every part of the service.  


Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Readers, prayer intercessors, chalice bearers,principal servers:  our Lay Eucharistic ministry is as varied as it is deep and rich.  

Receiving the elements of the bread and wine, the sacramental elements of the Eucharist, unites us to and reminds us of God's presence in and with us:  chalicists (those who hold the chalice or cup of wine) asssit in the congregation's receiving of the wine of worship.

The readings of scripture in worship end with, The word of the Lord."  In this we name that hearing texts in worship is more than simply listenin; it is the invitation of God through these spoken words.

In prayer we offer our hopes,our concerns, our longings,beliefs and our bewilderments to God.  It is a practice of speaking and listening, of offering and receiving.  In worship we offer prayer both personal and communal.  The offering of prayers in worship is led by the Prayer Intercessors.

All of those who serve during our worship services receive special training to assist them in their ministry.  Interested in becoming a Lay Eucharisitc Minister, please contact the Rector.