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  1. [Episcopal News Service] The Diocese of Florida announced May 25 that a formal objection to the May 14 election of the Rev. Charlie Holt as bishop coadjutor has been filed […]
  2. [Episcopal News Service] The Episcopal Church’s presiding officers plan to recommend enhanced public health precautions for a shorter in-person meeting of the 80th General Convention in July that would include […]
  3. [House of Deputies News] Legislative committee officers for the 80th General Convention met with the Presiding Officers’ General Convention Design Group on May 25 to discuss a revised legislative process […]
  4. [Episcopal News Service] Episcopal leaders are joining a national outpouring of grief after the latest school shooting in the United States killed 19 children and two educators in Texas, as […]
  5. [Episcopal News Service] West Texas Bishop David Reed requested prayers May 24 after a deadly shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, left at least 19 children and two […]