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  1. [Episcopal News Service] The Episcopal Church took a significant step Feb. 7 toward forming a new Coalition for Racial Equity and Justice by announcing that more than a dozen members […]
  2. [Episcopal News Service] The Very Rev. George L.W. Werner, who served as House of Deputies president from 2000 to 2006, died Feb. 6 at age 85 after suffering since at […]
  3. [Episcopal News Service] Franklin, New Hampshire, might seem an unlikely place for an innovative Episcopal ministry. The paper, hosiery and woolen mills that powered the local economy were gone by […]
  4. [Episcopal News Service] Bishops, clergy and laity from across the Church of England gathered in London on Feb. 6 for the start of a particularly consequential meeting of General Synod, […]
  5. [World Council of Churches] As communities in Turkey and Syria were left reeling in the wake of an earthquake that has killed at least 2,100 people — and that figure […]