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  1. [Church of England] Devon Pilgrim offers people the chance to “take a journey of the heart” on routes which include Dartmoor and the ancient seat of the bishops of Exeter […]
  2. [Episcopal News Service] Earlier this year, Sandra Montes began a new role: dean of chapel at Union Theological Seminary. She first served there as an artist-in-residence for a week in […]
  3. [Diocese of Chicago] The ordination and consecration of Bishop-elect Paula Clark has been postponed from Aug. 28 to a date to be determined in consultation with Clark and her doctors, […]
  4. [Episcopal News Service] The Episcopal Church is at a crossroads, church leaders said this week during the annual Union of Black Episcopalians conference and revival; if it is to flourish […]
  5. [Religion News Service] Fifty-six years ago, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. led thousands of clergy and laypeople on a 54-mile voting rights march from Selma to Montgomery, the state […]