Diocese of Virginia

  1. Clergy Webinar - Week 26
    September 15, 2020

    Bishop Goff opened the webinar with Prayer and then played a videoof the song "I believe in the sun" 

    Bishop Goff's reflections:

    It has been

  2. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    There are three journey’s to the Christian life: to go out, to go together and to go deep. Because the first two are difficult in this time of Covid 19, perhaps as leaders of the Church if we  focus on going deep, we will also go together and be

  3. The Poet Naomi Shihab Nye wrote an article in 2007 (“Gate 4-A”) about being stuck in the Albuquerque Airport and hearing this announcement: “Anyone near Gate 4-A who understands Arabic please come to the gate immediately.”  Because she spoke Arabic, Naomi went to

  4. Clergy Webinar Week 18 - July 14, 2020

    Bishop Goff opened with a Prayer Written by the Rev. Jan Berry of Luther King House in Manchester, England.  Slightly adapted.

    God our refuge, we seek your protection.
    Protect the vulnerable from illness:
    Those who are old

  5. This season, I never went out and sowed or planted a thing in our city yard. Between Covid-19 and my continuing cancer treatment, I haven’t gotten to the nursery or the