Diocese of Virginia

  1. A video reflection from Bishop Susan Goff to the people of the Diocese of Virginia Click



  3. Clergy Zoom Calls Week 3

    Tuesday, March 31, and Wednesday, April 1

    Opening Prayer and Comments – Bishop Susan

    A Song of Christ’s Goodness

              Anselm of Canterbury

    Jesus, as a mother you gather your

  4. Dear Friends in Christ,

    In this time when circumstances change from day to day, we Episcopal bishops of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC have conferred with each other in order to share our best wisdom with you. We know that we are better together during this

  5. 31 de marzo del 2020

    Queridos Amigos en Cristo:

    En este momento, cuando las circunstancias cambian día a día, nosotros los obispos Episcopales de Maryland, Virginia y Washington, DC nos hemos reunido para tratar de compartir nuestro mejor entendimiento con ustedes.