Stewardship is a habit that directs our decisions about how we use the blessing we have received from God. It is an expression of our faith in God’s ability to provide, our gratitude for all the ways we have been blessed, and our priorities in Christian Mission. Stewardship is grounded in the belief that blessings are meant to be shared.  Stewardship means financial support, but it is also about God's people sharing their time and talents for the benefit of God's people.

Increases in Calvary’s budget happen when gifts are made to support ministries that transform lives and when Calvary uses  gifts to live out the Gospel to serve others, making Front Royal, our nation and the world a better place. The links below will allow you to discover more about the Calvary ministries that your time, talents and dollars make happen. These are some ways in which Calvary is touching the hearts, minds and bodies of Christ’s people.  Thank you for your devoted service and financial support of God’s work at Calvary.