The Rev. Jane Piver, Interim Rector

Parish Staff

Tom Bowen, Organist and Music Director

Kim Kiec, Handbell Choir Director

Jean Mary Taylor, Lay Assistant

Libby Funk, Parish Secretary

Dennis Funk, Sexton

Vestry and Wardens

Class of 2018

Bonnie Landis, Hospitality Chr,

Andy Miller, Junior Warden

Chris Peterson, Communications

Edward Turner, Senior Warden

Class of 2019

Charles Huber, Stewardship Chair

Karl Petrick, Finance (Alternate Delegate to Convention)

Class of 2020

Susan Rockwell

Gretchen Straw

Barbara Tringali

Vestry Appointments

Eric Adamson, Trustee

Peg Goodyear, Gift & Endowment Committee Chair

Chris Fleet, Trustees of the Endowment Fund Chair

Arthur Maddox, Trustee

Donald McNeill, Trustee

Margie Miller, Register, Delegate to Conventionl

Tom Varney, Treasurer

Parish Organization Contacts

Charles Huber, Ushers

Sue Cobb,  Altar Guild Co-Chair

Evie Moreman, Altar Guild Co-Chair

Jean Mary Taylor, Acolytes

Peg Goodyear, Women of Calvary, Tuesdays Table

Ed Turner, Website Ministry

Sandra Varney, Calling & Caring Coordinator

Jean Mary Taylor, Andy Miller, Richard Steadman, Disaster Preparedness Team


Please contact the Parish Office to get in touch with Clergy, Staff Members, Vestry Members and Parish Contacts