1995 - 2017

In 1995, Calvary called the Reverend Deborah Rutter as the permanent Rector of Calvary Episcopal Church.  Under Rev. Rutter's leadership, Calvary's involvement in the community began to grow.  C-CAP was established with other community churches, to provide food for those in need.  Tuesday's Table was created to provide hot meals for the needy at Calvary.  Pilgrimages to Native American reservations in South Dakota allowed Calvary's youth to explore new cultures and help those in need.  A partnership was established with the Episcopal Diocese of Ibba in South Sudan to provide water and job skills to our brothers and sisters in Africa. 

Christian Formation opportunities increased as well, with the addition of Adult study classes on Sunday mornings held in conjunction with regular Youth Sunday School.  Inter-generational classes, held throughout the year were created as well as weekly Wednesday Bible Study.